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Illtel staff:

By Illtel staff about each others,
Compilation by Webmaster.

All people, mentioned here, represent either themselves or Illtel. They are not responsible for Illtel, and Illtel is not responsible even for itself.

  • Alex Belits is a computer geek (or maybe he is a nerd? I don't know). He spends time writing some pieces of code, nobody can understand or use, sometimes he put them into some use, although still nobody can understand, what are they, and what do they improve. People tolerate him only because his code does not crash too often. He has been yelling a lot lately, so we decided he should be in charge of PR.

  • Sean C. Straus has been promoted to the worst programmer at illtel, as he finally learned how to use make

  • Colby Farrell likes to set up his (and not only his because he is a sysadmin) systems in the most strange way possible. The name "Illtel" was his idea. He is working on gathering data for his new home page, "Hardware Jumpers Around the World".

  • Jason Goecke has been demoted to Manager of Illtel because of his persistent Windows '95 use.

  • Nicholas Romero is the pretty face behind illtel as you can tell from his Glamour Shot. After he shaved his beard and got a hot new haircut, we knew we had to demote him to marketing (mainly because he thought that he was so sexy that he was too good to work, and we knew those were exactly the traits a good marketing guy needs.)

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