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Processor486DX2, 80MHz
Video cardCirrus Logic 5430
Sound cardSound Blaster 16
Yamaha Waveforce DB50XG
Hard drivesIDE, Conner, 420M
IDE, WD, 850M
IDE, Conner, 1.6G
ModemUSR Sportster V.34 28.8
Removable driveSCSI Zip drive
PrinterHP DeskJet 660Cse
ScannerHP ScanJet 4p
Camera 1Connectix Color QuickCam
Camera 2Connectix B&W QuickCam
OSLinux 2.0.28
HTTP serverfhttpd 0.2.3 beta
Webcam softwareqcwebcam 0.2
ConnectionPPP link to ViaNet Communications
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