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Illtel network

Illtel operates an internal network, and some of its servers are available from outside. This is a list of servers that external users may find interesting.

Be advised that accessing them may produce unpredictable results, display data in the form unsuitable for use by some humans and cause error messages in different forms and styles.

All access is monitored.

www is the main Illtel WWW server. Its maintenance, HTML writing and extensions programming is performed by Illtel Webmaster. Server software (fhttpd with additional modules and scripts) is entirely developed at Illtel.
phobos is one of the most advanced servers in the Illtel network. It's maintained by the second worst Illtel programmer Alex Belits and is used for most of Illtel network-related development. WWW server at phobos has "lamer detection/offending system", so if you are a lamer, you can't get in and will receive Alex's opinion about lamers instead of almost anything located there. Lamer detection is much more reliable than anything else on phobos, therefore if you have received "Access denied" message from it, don't send any email to the root of that host with explanations why you are not a lamer -- it's Alex Belits himself, and he won't believe you. A lot of people tried and failed, so better just ask Illtel administration to punish Alex somehow. phobos is also used as video server, mail server, telnet server, FTP server and X terminal. It handles printer, scanner, built-in MIDI synthesizer, and is used as everything-but-a-kitchen-sink box by Alex.
Technical data and configuration of phobos is available.
deimos is used as a testing/development box for network-related products, so while WWW server exists on it, nothing really interesting can be found there. However lamer-protection on deimos due to the experimental nature of this box is less reliable than on phobos, so lamers may find it more useful for them than phobos.
deimos and phobos have exactly the same parameters and base system configuration.

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