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Introduction to Illtel

By Alex Belits,
Translation to Marketdroidian by Webmaster.

We produce usable programs

When others spend significant amount of time determining, who and when should use which well forgotten old (aka new) technology, Illtel programmers mostly do the programming. Therefore we couldn't say that we are the leader of the industry without making an unparseable and very likely illogical statement.

However, as opposed to most others in the software industry we have technical reasons behind decisions we make (example: "Java is cool" is not a technical reason while "transferring large archive uncompressed over 28.8K phone line and compressing it on the receiving end is pointless, so better compress it at the sender" is). The ability to think this way places us in the position clearly superior to the majority of companies, so even though we couldn't match large companies' rate of accepting latest technological trends, we make usable things.

Another our important ability is understanding manuals and other technical texts. While the average programmer needs a book like "Learn to write secure code from a dummy in 21 days" to be written before he will start writing anything usable with userid 0, we could use existing texts, manuals, usenet postings and even source code to gain the same or even better level of knowledge about the subject.

We use efficient technology

Programmers now spend most of their working time navigating through three-layered toolbars of mainstream development tools. We use tools that rarely need even one layer of icons per window, and sometimes have no windows at all because their functions are automated. That and other advanced features of our tools and operating systems allow us to concentrate on our work, and increase productivity.

We design

We always do technical design before starting every new project implementation..

For example, before writing our currently most popular program qcread its developer Alex Belits made a decision to implement a driver compliant with Connectix specifications and partially compatible with existing implementation before adding new features. Following these design descisions, qcread evolved into a high-quality commercial grade product.

We have a better management model

At Illtel for every three programmers there is only one manager and one person in the marketing department. This efficient management model increases productivity because the percentage of programmers at Illtel (60%) is significantly higher than average in the industry.

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